An Introduction…

Hi, I’m Mr EDC.  I’m a male guy, in his 40’s who, around three years ago explored various ‘kinks’ and found male chastity.  I was intrigued to say the least.  After purchasing the almost obligatory CB-6000 knockoff, I discovered that not giving in to my desire to orgasm was just as stimulating as giving in.  There was also a benefit for me – I kept that expectant feeling of the desire to cum without having it massively subside after I’d masturbated, or persuaded Mrs EDC to help me fulfil my own selfish desires.

From there, I explored further into this fascinating subset of male sexuality.  It taught me about who was really important in the marriage I had (that would be Mrs EDC, not my penis), about my own personal desires, how easily it could be changed for the benefit of the Mrs.  The CB-6000 copy was awful though.  It was a poor fit, and frequently had to come off because cleaning my bits below was a major chore.

I progressed into steel devices, trying many and failing to find that perfect comfortable fit.  This was over the course of many many months.  Of course, Mrs EDC had to ‘approve’ the devices, after the initial looks of concern: “Doesn’t it hurt?” and “It doesn’t look comfortable”, “What about erections?” were frequently asked.  After that was the whole acceptance of locking a piece of stainless steel around my cock and balls – this took a little time for her to get used to as a concept.  Please bear in mind Mrs EDC is what I would consider VERY vanilla.  But she took it all in her stride, as she understood the benefits of male chastity through my own careful explanations (often running into the hours) and the tangible physical affection it caused for me towards her.

This has been a brief introduction – over coming posts I’ll go into this in more detail, as well as the more personal discoveries I’ve made with going from the first cheap plastic to finally putting down some serious cash on a custom cage to be locked in according to her whim.


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