Progress Report

Surprisingly, this is quite accurate

So, I’ve been self-locking for the non-work periods of my life for a fortnight now.  I gave myself a guilty pleasure of a ruined orgasm about a week ago, and decided from that point on I must give control back to Mrs EDC.  So I approached her and we discussed it.  Fortunately, we’ve been down this road already, but made things too complicated too fast.  It was agreed that this killed it first time round – but she was still keen to give it a go, remembering the positives that occurred during that earlier attempt.

You see – I initially thought it a myth that a man could change his behaviour so much when his dick was out of reach.  It seemed too paradoxical, to deny my own impulses would draw me closer to my wife.  But it did happen.  I did more for her.  I cleaned more.  I paid more attention to her.  I loved her with more intensity than I could muster normally.  Suffice to say I already loved her very much, this restriction of my orgasm merely seemed to amplify that love.

It took me about a month of explaining, of helping her understand, of demonstration of the change in my own persona before it slowly dawned on her.  Here was her chance to have a husband who (despite already doing a fair amount round the house) could be bent even further to her own desires.  It was being offered to her freely, in exchange for looking after a key, and if needed, allowing me to be released and experience something closer to orgasm, often being stopped at the last second.  All this would drive me to her in ways like never before.  It was still incredibly paradoxical to her, but once I explained in a way she would understand (using something she loved to do), the penny dropped.

So today was the start of chastity V2.0  Simplified.  Easier.  The ground rules have been worked out – I have only two rules:

  1. Sunday afternoon is a supervised release and clean time.
  2. Any and all other releases will be at the discretion of Mrs EDC.  This decision is hers alone and is final.  This may (or may not) mean an orgasm for me.  That is for her to decide, based on my behaviour.

There is a sensibility to this – I am still adjusting to the device as it’s been a while.  I can manage around 16 hours overnight to lunchtime the following day on a workday, and all day on weekends.  So for the purposes of exercising these rules, I have handed my keys to the wife for the weekend.  We will work together as I get closer to having the cage on 24/7, once certain areas of my skin are used to it, and I’ve got a decent solution for when I’m working – I’m doing a lot of walking for my job (around 10-15 miles per day).  I need to eliminate ballsack chafing and am trying various underwear options at the moment.  Once this is sorted, then the keys will no longer be accessible without her permission.  Hopefully this will only take a couple of weeks max to sort out.

For now, my dick and it’s ability for enjoyment are now not my own any more.  I strain against the cage thinking about that.  I feel a surge of both helplessness and sexual excitement at the same time when I realise it.  I want to play with myself, indulging in the fantasy of restraint, forgetting for a split-second I am locked up.  Then it quickly dissipates into sexual frustration as I cannot even grasp my dick for a quick fondle at the thought of something so erotic.

Not only that, after discussing things, she hopped into some skimpy lingerie and decided to rub her pussy against my cage, giving herself pleasure at the expense of my own.  Damn, it was hot.  It was fun.  I wanted to do more.  She loved it.  She craves the control once more.

And I handed that control over in the form of a tiny little key.

Oh, and PS – she wants to wear the key round her neck, to remind me of who has ownership!


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