Rising Frustration

We were on our way to visit a friend, and during the drive we started to talk about the ‘game’. It involved what kind of torments could be dreamt up – you have to remember Mrs EDC is a very very vanilla woman. It took me months to get her to really accept me being locked up and now considers it ‘normal’ and ‘much better’.  See attached screenshot of part of our messaging to each other.

But the conversation nearly stalled – she doesn’t like doing things she considers ‘cruel’.  So I made the illustration with one of her favourite things – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  How I would buy the Ice Cream, remind her frequently I had the Ice Cream, if she wanted some she would have to make me happy.  And, for example, if she did something really good, and was promised a bowlful, I would change my mind and let he have only a spoonful.  Because I was in charge.  It seemed to work.  She got the idea of something pleasurable being dragged out, because it keeps you hanging on, hoping for more.  Teasing, denying, allowing frustration to rise like a tide.  I like making illustrations to emphasise a point and this got it across perfectly.

Showing my wife the ropes in a way that means she works it out for herself is important.  We don’t want to fall in to the trap of ‘topping from the bottom’ once more.  Rule 2 applies.  Rule 2 is simple – anything that happens is at her discretion.  Rule 2 is not about me – anything that goes on is for her pleasure and fun.  Rule 1 is mine – a simple allowance for release, clean and inspection before being tossed back into the personal dungeon of the chastity cage.  There is a sub-rule to this that it can only be done with Mrs EDC present, lest I become too wayward with my hands.

Not only that, Mrs EDC has to learn my limits, as much as I have to learn hers.  Yes, I would love her to spank me, discipline me – but that’s a limit I cannot reach at this moment.  She must learn my limits of sexual frustration, and also to learn to enjoy teasing me, leading me on a path that finely balances pleasurable torment for me, as well as how much is ‘enough’.

She gave me some simple tasks when we finally got home – which I did without complaint, and to the best of my abilities.  She asked me to put the clothes washing away.  I carefully folded everything, put on the right shelf/drawer, eager to ensure that she would not be disappointed with my efforts.  That got me a kiss.  She gave me a bigger task for which she promised a ‘good reward’.  There was also the subtle reminder that she may ‘change her mind as she see fits’.  Hot damn I love her.

So I have a task today – to wash her car.  Not a problem – it’s much easier than washing a motorbike (which I ride).  Cars have lots of smooth surfaces, motorbikes…. don’t.  She initially promised release and fun.  After our discussion, she’s obviously given it some thought.  Now I’m promised something as a reward.  I have no clue what that is, what it entails.  The only thing I know is that if I get it done before my scheduled release and clean, I may be allowed to stay out for a little longer.

It’s both terrifying and tantalising at the same time.

This was a woman who I really had to convince it was okay to use a blindfold in lovemaking foreplay.  Maybe that might happen.  Maybe not.  It frustrates me immensely, makes me horny all the more, ever eager to place her so she may show some leniency to my poor cock trapped in it’s metal prison.


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