Rewards, Punishments and Control

Yesterday I got my scheduled release, mostly just to inspect, make sure everything’s okay and have a good, thorough clean and allow my skin to breathe a bit. No playing though, and to make sure Mrs EDC supervises.

However, I was also due a reward, so I was allowed to stay out for a few hours. We had some kiss and cuddle time alone upstairs, but I was given strict rules not to fondle at all. A week without release was the punishment. Eventually I was allowed to touch her lovely breasts through the babydoll she was wearing, but if I my hand seemed to grip or play with her, that would incur another punishment.

Guess what?

I failed.

So tonight I am having to clean the entire bathroom as my punishment. I am not allowed to put my hands near her breasts for 48 hours. This is incredibly hard for me as the morning cuddles usually involve this at some point. It’s automatic for me. If I were to fail in this, then 72 hours would be added.

Also, I have no clue on the next release for playtime. We have two rules – one for me, one for her. Mine is Rule 1 – scheduled cleaning with Mrs EDC present. Rule 2 is any release or playtime is up to Mrs EDC, and for her fun only. I have become a tool for her entertainment.

The case in point is the recent messaging – a complete surprise from my otherwise vanilla wife.  There have been some very intriguing messages, ‘sexting’ if you will – knowing full well that all she has to do is give slight mention of anything sexy, and it has it’s desired effect on me.  I cannot do a thing about it.  She does have a very mischievous streak in her, and having such a simple, open-ended rule where she makes the rules is providing very entertaining for her.

I have little clue how far down this path she will go – she made mention that it has made her a lot happier, and I quote – “Having the attention and power helps too.  Having so much fun with it and it’s helping our relationship too”.

We have struggled with our relationship only in terms of intimacy, because it’s been difficult.  Depression, stress and also having to work through an emergency hysterectomy kind of kills a love life for a while.  But we’d dabbled in chastity before, and made it too complex.  Making it simpler means that Mrs EDC is now properly in charge, both of rewards, punishments and everything in-between.  It leaves me powerless in the sexual dynamics of our relationship, with only my ability to please her in whatever way I can find being my only shot at being released, and maybe, just maybe, getting an orgasm.



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