I have a plan for this house… and for you.

Words that both inspire and cause fear at the same time.  Mrs EDC is enjoying this very much.  She loves the power, craves the attention and we are growing closer together – at least as much as I am able, and she allows.

She has banned me from any fondling, and must now be on invite only.  If my behaviour changes, this new rule in our marriage may be relaxed.  Until then, I must be invited – I cannot ask to caress the beautiful body of my wife.  I must work harder to get in her favour.

Less talk back, less sarcasm should be the change in behaviour I think she expects.  It’s harder for me as she is not letting on what exactly needs to change.  So I plan to tackle each area of my attitude towards her to work it out for myself.  Show I am the good slave to her whims.

I have my chores for today – which may come with some reward.  Or they may not.  The expectation I have is that there is a reward, but I must also face the fact Mrs EDC may change her mind – and she has the perfect right to do so.

The sexual dynamics of our relationship have actually changed for the better.  She loves the attention – even if it’s for me to get my orgasm.  There’s the learning curve she has to maintain in order to keep me interested, to keep me on the edge of overwhelming desire.  I love her very much regardless of this game, this lifestyle – it shows commitment to her in our sharing of this – I have the cage, she owns the key.

A little history is required here – I may never be able to have PIV sex with her again.  Not because of this chastity game, but owing to some surgery she had.  It makes it difficult, uncomfortable.  It’s not impossible, and she has been loving enough to allow this to happen.  My own desires not to hurt her have meant it’s not always been successful though.  However, she is more than happy to hand job me, a sensation I absolutely love – she pumps away happily knowing she is pleasing me.  I in return have the ‘magic fingers’ apparently – and have often brought her off in explosive ways with my wandering digits.

So for me, a release and her delicate (or even merciless) touch is an immense reward in itself.

Maybe, just maybe if I complete her ‘plan’ – she may yet give me the pleasure of a full orgasm.  Or maybe she won’t.

I just don’t know, and thats the thrill of chastity.


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