Devious Deviations

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640Mrs EDC goes through periods of uncertainty.  As a very vanilla wife, any form of kink or straying from the ‘norms’ of sex have to be almost continuously affirmed.  For example, PIV sex is difficult at the best of times owing to an emergency hysterectomy performed many years ago.  So I suggested other ways for her to have her fun – after all, I have always believed in equal pleasure shared between partners.

One such suggestion was a hitachi-style wand.  I managed to affirm this through a hysterectomy forum, where other couples used them as a substitute for intercourse.  So we did that.  She enjoys it – it really brings her off, and she’s taken to using it on me.  But it took months of convincing that it wasn’t a bad thing to do.

So when male chastity came around, I took great lengths to explain that, no, denying me my orgasm was actually beneficial – it removed selfish attitudes I had towards sex.  It improved my attention upon her.  She saw benefits, but still it took time to get to where we are today.

A woman who now takes great delight in trying to find ways to tease me.  I’ll admit, I did (sort of) top from the bottom by presenting some advice for key holders, filtered to suit her vanilla mindset.  I made sure that although I got the gist of the contents of that advice, that it was up to her what she does from it, or that she takes ideas as cues to develop on her own.

So I’ve found this out to my cost.  She’s been practicing – telling me little quips about my locked cock, asking how tight my skin is (I’m a tight ballsack kind of guy), teasing me as she knows how in order to provoke e an attempted erection and the associated discomfort (still a pleasurable squeeze in my cage).  She’s eager to arrange playtimes to try out the teasing games – which I look forward to with both excitement and dread.  She mentions the key at various random times – where did she leave it?  which key was it?

When we were dating, I knew she was devious.  I used to stay at the farmhouse where she lived and she would put objects in the bed for me to discover – we slept separately at that time – and my feet would chance upon a cold object at the foot of the bed.  Tricks were played.

So I relish and fear the deviousness that I have reawakened in my keyholder.  She knows she can be merciless – the rules stipulate that I cannot argue with her.  Of course, she also understands my limits and knows exactly how for to push them so it remains fun for both of us.


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