Longing for summer sun (and fun)

Summer – sun, sea, sand and still no sign of any sex 🙂

Summer.  Sun.  Seasides.  Sweet sweet relief from winter.

If you’re like me, you’ll understand the predicament of being locked chaste during winter months.  Cold air means contracted ballsacks, which means burning pains every now and then.

My work takes me outside on numerous occasions.  The cold, biting wind, chill air conspire to make by testicles attempt to shrink back into the body, only to be prevented by a ring of steel.  This ring of steel bars the balls from my body’s warmth, meaning they are left high and dry in the cold of my pants.

The side effect is also horrible – my sack will tighten as much as possible, the scumbag of a brain not realising that the balls cannot retract further.  The pod bay doors are not opening, so to speak 🙂

The tightening causes the typical burning sensations similar to that of the morning erections, that marvellous biological alarm clock our bodies develop when locked up.  The only sweet relief is to put something warmer on.  That’s where my second problem lies.

When I am out walking, as my work requires (typically around 2-5 miles at a time before a nice warm break at home) – I get warm.  Any exercise does this for me.  Now I’m not unfit, but I do sweat, no matter the exercise and the weather.  The problem comes that my body then tries to cool down – I swear my skin turns to ice.  Mrs EDC thinks I am actually freezing cold, when in fact I am roasting hot.

So, cold skin equals… ?  You guessed it.  Even tighter skin on the balls.

I’ve been out in a cold day today, and now I’m sat with a hot water bottle in my crotch getting every loose once more.  The burning has gone, the balls are loose and jiggly once more, and I am content.  I’m tempted to stuff the hot water bottle in my pants for this afternoon’s outing.

Thermal underwear, multiple layers, windproof clothing, I’ve tried them all.  The only weather where my balls are consistently hanging low, is the sweet heat of summer.  My longing for warmer days increase as much as my horniness for Mrs EDC the longer I’m locked, and I really can’t wait.

But to finish, I’d like to know what you, the dear chaste readers to do circumvent the irritation of tense ballsacks in winter.  Any underwear recommendations?  Any clothing suggestions?  Or should I be content to continue and soldier on… maybe keeping the hot water bottle stuffed in the pants…!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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