Mr Everyday Chastity (aka Mr EDC) is a married male who is practising male chastity.  He is in his 40’s and married to his wife/queen, Mrs EDC.  Although Mr EDC embraces the ideas of many many kinks, Mrs EDC is an extremely vanilla woman and this blog is a diary of sorts detailing how he is going about this process of introducing her to this lifestyle.

She has taken the idea of male chastity and loved it for it’s obvious benefits.

Check the Current Status page for the locked/unlocked status as well as last orgasm details for my current session.

A brief bio

I started with a CB6000 knockoff around 3 years ago, and very much enjoyed the feeling of denial to my own penis.  I quickly progressed to a number of stainless steel devices, getting ever closer to that ‘perfect fit’ until I eventually mustered up the confidence and cash for a custom sized London Tower from the awesome Red Chili.  The wait was worth it as I had now found a well-made, custom fitting device that was super snug and secure, as well as the options available that meant I could deal with the bothersome pinching of the foreskin.  I may yet one day see about getting a Mature Metal cage, although that would require a little more saving!