Devious Deviations

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640Mrs EDC goes through periods of uncertainty.  As a very vanilla wife, any form of kink or straying from the ‘norms’ of sex have to be almost continuously affirmed.  For example, PIV sex is difficult at the best of times owing to an emergency hysterectomy performed many years ago.  So I suggested other ways for her to have her fun – after all, I have always believed in equal pleasure shared between partners.

One such suggestion was a hitachi-style wand.  I managed to affirm this through a hysterectomy forum, where other couples used them as a substitute for intercourse.  So we did that.  She enjoys it – it really brings her off, and she’s taken to using it on me.  But it took months of convincing that it wasn’t a bad thing to do.

So when male chastity came around, I took great lengths to explain that, no, denying me my orgasm was actually beneficial – it removed selfish attitudes I had towards sex.  It improved my attention upon her.  She saw benefits, but still it took time to get to where we are today.

A woman who now takes great delight in trying to find ways to tease me.  I’ll admit, I did (sort of) top from the bottom by presenting some advice for key holders, filtered to suit her vanilla mindset.  I made sure that although I got the gist of the contents of that advice, that it was up to her what she does from it, or that she takes ideas as cues to develop on her own.

So I’ve found this out to my cost.  She’s been practicing – telling me little quips about my locked cock, asking how tight my skin is (I’m a tight ballsack kind of guy), teasing me as she knows how in order to provoke e an attempted erection and the associated discomfort (still a pleasurable squeeze in my cage).  She’s eager to arrange playtimes to try out the teasing games – which I look forward to with both excitement and dread.  She mentions the key at various random times – where did she leave it?  which key was it?

When we were dating, I knew she was devious.  I used to stay at the farmhouse where she lived and she would put objects in the bed for me to discover – we slept separately at that time – and my feet would chance upon a cold object at the foot of the bed.  Tricks were played.

So I relish and fear the deviousness that I have reawakened in my keyholder.  She knows she can be merciless – the rules stipulate that I cannot argue with her.  Of course, she also understands my limits and knows exactly how for to push them so it remains fun for both of us.


I have a plan for this house… and for you.

Words that both inspire and cause fear at the same time.  Mrs EDC is enjoying this very much.  She loves the power, craves the attention and we are growing closer together – at least as much as I am able, and she allows.

She has banned me from any fondling, and must now be on invite only.  If my behaviour changes, this new rule in our marriage may be relaxed.  Until then, I must be invited – I cannot ask to caress the beautiful body of my wife.  I must work harder to get in her favour.

Less talk back, less sarcasm should be the change in behaviour I think she expects.  It’s harder for me as she is not letting on what exactly needs to change.  So I plan to tackle each area of my attitude towards her to work it out for myself.  Show I am the good slave to her whims.

I have my chores for today – which may come with some reward.  Or they may not.  The expectation I have is that there is a reward, but I must also face the fact Mrs EDC may change her mind – and she has the perfect right to do so.

The sexual dynamics of our relationship have actually changed for the better.  She loves the attention – even if it’s for me to get my orgasm.  There’s the learning curve she has to maintain in order to keep me interested, to keep me on the edge of overwhelming desire.  I love her very much regardless of this game, this lifestyle – it shows commitment to her in our sharing of this – I have the cage, she owns the key.

A little history is required here – I may never be able to have PIV sex with her again.  Not because of this chastity game, but owing to some surgery she had.  It makes it difficult, uncomfortable.  It’s not impossible, and she has been loving enough to allow this to happen.  My own desires not to hurt her have meant it’s not always been successful though.  However, she is more than happy to hand job me, a sensation I absolutely love – she pumps away happily knowing she is pleasing me.  I in return have the ‘magic fingers’ apparently – and have often brought her off in explosive ways with my wandering digits.

So for me, a release and her delicate (or even merciless) touch is an immense reward in itself.

Maybe, just maybe if I complete her ‘plan’ – she may yet give me the pleasure of a full orgasm.  Or maybe she won’t.

I just don’t know, and thats the thrill of chastity.

Rewards, Punishments and Control

Yesterday I got my scheduled release, mostly just to inspect, make sure everything’s okay and have a good, thorough clean and allow my skin to breathe a bit. No playing though, and to make sure Mrs EDC supervises.

However, I was also due a reward, so I was allowed to stay out for a few hours. We had some kiss and cuddle time alone upstairs, but I was given strict rules not to fondle at all. A week without release was the punishment. Eventually I was allowed to touch her lovely breasts through the babydoll she was wearing, but if I my hand seemed to grip or play with her, that would incur another punishment.

Guess what?

I failed.

So tonight I am having to clean the entire bathroom as my punishment. I am not allowed to put my hands near her breasts for 48 hours. This is incredibly hard for me as the morning cuddles usually involve this at some point. It’s automatic for me. If I were to fail in this, then 72 hours would be added.

Also, I have no clue on the next release for playtime. We have two rules – one for me, one for her. Mine is Rule 1 – scheduled cleaning with Mrs EDC present. Rule 2 is any release or playtime is up to Mrs EDC, and for her fun only. I have become a tool for her entertainment.

The case in point is the recent messaging – a complete surprise from my otherwise vanilla wife.  There have been some very intriguing messages, ‘sexting’ if you will – knowing full well that all she has to do is give slight mention of anything sexy, and it has it’s desired effect on me.  I cannot do a thing about it.  She does have a very mischievous streak in her, and having such a simple, open-ended rule where she makes the rules is providing very entertaining for her.

I have little clue how far down this path she will go – she made mention that it has made her a lot happier, and I quote – “Having the attention and power helps too.  Having so much fun with it and it’s helping our relationship too”.

We have struggled with our relationship only in terms of intimacy, because it’s been difficult.  Depression, stress and also having to work through an emergency hysterectomy kind of kills a love life for a while.  But we’d dabbled in chastity before, and made it too complex.  Making it simpler means that Mrs EDC is now properly in charge, both of rewards, punishments and everything in-between.  It leaves me powerless in the sexual dynamics of our relationship, with only my ability to please her in whatever way I can find being my only shot at being released, and maybe, just maybe, getting an orgasm.


Rising Frustration

We were on our way to visit a friend, and during the drive we started to talk about the ‘game’. It involved what kind of torments could be dreamt up – you have to remember Mrs EDC is a very very vanilla woman. It took me months to get her to really accept me being locked up and now considers it ‘normal’ and ‘much better’.  See attached screenshot of part of our messaging to each other.

But the conversation nearly stalled – she doesn’t like doing things she considers ‘cruel’.  So I made the illustration with one of her favourite things – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  How I would buy the Ice Cream, remind her frequently I had the Ice Cream, if she wanted some she would have to make me happy.  And, for example, if she did something really good, and was promised a bowlful, I would change my mind and let he have only a spoonful.  Because I was in charge.  It seemed to work.  She got the idea of something pleasurable being dragged out, because it keeps you hanging on, hoping for more.  Teasing, denying, allowing frustration to rise like a tide.  I like making illustrations to emphasise a point and this got it across perfectly.

Showing my wife the ropes in a way that means she works it out for herself is important.  We don’t want to fall in to the trap of ‘topping from the bottom’ once more.  Rule 2 applies.  Rule 2 is simple – anything that happens is at her discretion.  Rule 2 is not about me – anything that goes on is for her pleasure and fun.  Rule 1 is mine – a simple allowance for release, clean and inspection before being tossed back into the personal dungeon of the chastity cage.  There is a sub-rule to this that it can only be done with Mrs EDC present, lest I become too wayward with my hands.

Not only that, Mrs EDC has to learn my limits, as much as I have to learn hers.  Yes, I would love her to spank me, discipline me – but that’s a limit I cannot reach at this moment.  She must learn my limits of sexual frustration, and also to learn to enjoy teasing me, leading me on a path that finely balances pleasurable torment for me, as well as how much is ‘enough’.

She gave me some simple tasks when we finally got home – which I did without complaint, and to the best of my abilities.  She asked me to put the clothes washing away.  I carefully folded everything, put on the right shelf/drawer, eager to ensure that she would not be disappointed with my efforts.  That got me a kiss.  She gave me a bigger task for which she promised a ‘good reward’.  There was also the subtle reminder that she may ‘change her mind as she see fits’.  Hot damn I love her.

So I have a task today – to wash her car.  Not a problem – it’s much easier than washing a motorbike (which I ride).  Cars have lots of smooth surfaces, motorbikes…. don’t.  She initially promised release and fun.  After our discussion, she’s obviously given it some thought.  Now I’m promised something as a reward.  I have no clue what that is, what it entails.  The only thing I know is that if I get it done before my scheduled release and clean, I may be allowed to stay out for a little longer.

It’s both terrifying and tantalising at the same time.

This was a woman who I really had to convince it was okay to use a blindfold in lovemaking foreplay.  Maybe that might happen.  Maybe not.  It frustrates me immensely, makes me horny all the more, ever eager to place her so she may show some leniency to my poor cock trapped in it’s metal prison.

Progress Report

Surprisingly, this is quite accurate

So, I’ve been self-locking for the non-work periods of my life for a fortnight now.  I gave myself a guilty pleasure of a ruined orgasm about a week ago, and decided from that point on I must give control back to Mrs EDC.  So I approached her and we discussed it.  Fortunately, we’ve been down this road already, but made things too complicated too fast.  It was agreed that this killed it first time round – but she was still keen to give it a go, remembering the positives that occurred during that earlier attempt.

You see – I initially thought it a myth that a man could change his behaviour so much when his dick was out of reach.  It seemed too paradoxical, to deny my own impulses would draw me closer to my wife.  But it did happen.  I did more for her.  I cleaned more.  I paid more attention to her.  I loved her with more intensity than I could muster normally.  Suffice to say I already loved her very much, this restriction of my orgasm merely seemed to amplify that love.

It took me about a month of explaining, of helping her understand, of demonstration of the change in my own persona before it slowly dawned on her.  Here was her chance to have a husband who (despite already doing a fair amount round the house) could be bent even further to her own desires.  It was being offered to her freely, in exchange for looking after a key, and if needed, allowing me to be released and experience something closer to orgasm, often being stopped at the last second.  All this would drive me to her in ways like never before.  It was still incredibly paradoxical to her, but once I explained in a way she would understand (using something she loved to do), the penny dropped.

So today was the start of chastity V2.0  Simplified.  Easier.  The ground rules have been worked out – I have only two rules:

  1. Sunday afternoon is a supervised release and clean time.
  2. Any and all other releases will be at the discretion of Mrs EDC.  This decision is hers alone and is final.  This may (or may not) mean an orgasm for me.  That is for her to decide, based on my behaviour.

There is a sensibility to this – I am still adjusting to the device as it’s been a while.  I can manage around 16 hours overnight to lunchtime the following day on a workday, and all day on weekends.  So for the purposes of exercising these rules, I have handed my keys to the wife for the weekend.  We will work together as I get closer to having the cage on 24/7, once certain areas of my skin are used to it, and I’ve got a decent solution for when I’m working – I’m doing a lot of walking for my job (around 10-15 miles per day).  I need to eliminate ballsack chafing and am trying various underwear options at the moment.  Once this is sorted, then the keys will no longer be accessible without her permission.  Hopefully this will only take a couple of weeks max to sort out.

For now, my dick and it’s ability for enjoyment are now not my own any more.  I strain against the cage thinking about that.  I feel a surge of both helplessness and sexual excitement at the same time when I realise it.  I want to play with myself, indulging in the fantasy of restraint, forgetting for a split-second I am locked up.  Then it quickly dissipates into sexual frustration as I cannot even grasp my dick for a quick fondle at the thought of something so erotic.

Not only that, after discussing things, she hopped into some skimpy lingerie and decided to rub her pussy against my cage, giving herself pleasure at the expense of my own.  Damn, it was hot.  It was fun.  I wanted to do more.  She loved it.  She craves the control once more.

And I handed that control over in the form of a tiny little key.

Oh, and PS – she wants to wear the key round her neck, to remind me of who has ownership!